The Best Things To Buy This December

Christmas Bonanza in December Christmas is the time when America celebrates with a spending spree. Stores pile seasonal goods up high, as traditional melodies ring through the air. Shopkeepers present everything as bargains although this is not necessarily true. So how do you grab the value? Buying in December is about timing. Here are a few thoughts to get you started: 1. Christmas Cards Come the first wee ...

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The Best Things To Buy This November

Shopping Bargains in November It’s November, and winter is already drawing in. The stores are full of people entering in from chilly parking lots to the warmth inside. The aisles are alive with seasonal music. The excitement is increasing as Thanksgiving draws nigh.  Incredibly, there are still bargains at this busy time, even though it seems the shopkeepers hold all the cards. 1. Pots and Pans Aplenty Than ...

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The Best Things to Buy this October

October is a quiet month in retail, as stores hang in there in hope of bumper Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Meantime, they have expenses, and need cash from sales to pay their bills. Much of the stuff they offload cheaper will be dead stock. However, some will be gems for bright-eyed shoppers. I skimmed the websites of leading stores and found the following: 1. Great Month for Gardeners The growing se ...

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The Best Things to Buy this September

September is one of America’s biggest shopping secrets. Stores need cash for winter stocks. They are clearing shelves and ticketing bargains. This makes our cash flow further, which is great news for all of us. So come on in. Let the fall sales begin. We are all entitled to more for less this September... ...

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