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04:05Free Ring Doorbell (Info in Comments)
03:00Free Ring Doorbell (Info in Comments)
00:45FREE Tazo Tea Sample
00:45Sorba-Freeze Sheets Sample
00:45Hardy Coffee sample
00:40RevitalU Coffee request
00:40Tap'NFresh eco-friendly wet wipes
00:40Copper Cow Coffee sample
00:30Free Ring Doorbell (Info in Comments)
00:00Weekly Discussion Thread for the week of August 12, 2018
00:00Nal Adams Ring Sizer
00:00LEVA - Nutrition for breastfeeding moms
21:05Free Thermal Color Changing Morning Mug
17:25Free sticker list, make sure you follow the directions in the beginning!
Get over $50 in free cryptos! Thank me later freebie hunters ??????
Get a $1000 Visa Card [US ONLY] [FREE]
12:30An app that just gives away 10 free burritos (with guac) every day from Dos Toros
T-Mobile Tuesday 8-14-18: 1 night Redbox rental, online course from Shawacademy, 30% off + free shipping from Reebook, Hotelstorm discount
11:50Chaco Sticker
09:15Thermo Fisher Scientific - Milestones in Forensics Poster
08:40NC ONLY Free 86it Car Litter Bag, Sticker, Or Magnet
08:10Barnsley Fern Fractals poster
04:05Win 5kg of Nutella! {UK only} (08/31/2018)
03:05Environmental Protection Agency - Estuaries: Scenes of Transition Poster
02:55Free Ring Doorbell
01:5044° North Vodka sticker
01:45Free Ring Doorbell
01:00Teton Sports Sticker [US Only]
23:55Free Ring Doorbell (Info in Comments)
23:102 CANIDAE Pet Food Samples
22:50Free EDC Tactical Flashlight
22:10SKROOVE Sticker
22:05Resurgent skateboard sticker
16:15Free Ring Doorbell
14:25Free illustrated eBook: 15 Tips for College Success!
06:00StayDrymen - ManButter Body Deodorant And Anti Chafing Cream
05:25Experience Mississippi River - Great River Road 10-state map
03:55CapTel service/FCC caption telephone for hard of hearing
03:35CELLWEST GROUP, LLC - cell phone accessories samples
03:00Personalized Knob Creek Bourbon Labels
02:55La Marca Prosecco personalized wine labels
02:55Lightning Labels - Free Label Material Samples
02:50Woodford Reserve - Personalized Label
02:40CHATEAU personalized wine label
02:202018 Gardener's Idea Book 3 year subscription + newsletter if desired - Pool Test Kit
02:15Aqua Science - Well Water Test Kit
02:10Adirondack Fishing Guide
01:55The Foundation for a Drug-Free World - TRUTH ABOUT DRUGS INFORMATION KIT
01:30ProCare Health daily multivitamin for those who have undergone weight loss surgery
00:20Free Braille Books Program
00:10Danforth Diamond Ring Sizer
00:00Hoarder's Hump Day has commenced! Submit your haul over at r/freebietalk to win some spiffy flair!
00:00National Institutes of Health - Know Your Terms Pregnancy poster, postcards or tear pad.

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