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00:00Momentum Goal Setting: The Anti-Corporate Method for Setting Goals That Will Truly Grow Your Business - Free until December 5th.
00:00Cruising the Mediterranean: A Travel Memoir - FREE until December 4th
00:00Who Can Beat Trump? - FREE on December 2nd
00:00The Secrets We Keep: A Love Story - FREE until December 7th
00:00Shadow Souls, a dark superhero fantasy - FREE on December 8th
00:00The Red Lands Kindle- Free on December 14th
00:00Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint to Get You the Job Your Degree Doesn’t - FREE on December 11th
12:40BrandFace for Entrepreneurs UPDATED: Be the Face of Your Business & a Star in Your Industry - FREE until December 14th
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for December, 2018
00:00If you love your sci-fi relentless and armed with twists, this is what you're looking for... Lost Time Book 1 is free today. Book 2 is only $0.99!
00:00Hard Redemption: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy - FREE until December 7th
00:00The Instant Pot Guidebook - FREE on Amazon only TODAY (12/07)! Hurry up and download a free cookbook!
00:00Warpworld, a scifi space exploration novel - FREE on December 7th
00:00Forbidden Blossom, a holiday romance - FREE until December 11th
00:00Rise Again After Divorce: The 5 Keys For Women To Heal Wounds - FREE until December 11th
18:55Seasonal tale "The Christmas Santa Slept" is free until the end of the weekend
18:10War on Christmas: The Complete Series by Edward Lorn
17:15THE ENOCH PILL ~ Immortality came at a cost... Self-published Author Matthew William here to let you know that my Sci-Fi book that inspired the podcast THE ENOCH SAGA is now free on Amazon. Hope you enjoy! Also feel free to ask any questions... no matter h
13:55Rubber Band Stocks: A Simple Strategy for Trading Stocks - FREE until December 13th
13:45Marshland, a suspense thriller - FREE until December 16th
12:20A young man haunted by a demon becomes a Batman type vigilante. Free til 12/13
12:10Sci-Fi, Space Opera & Dystopian Giveaway - 30 free books
00:00A New Beginning (Lakeside Hideaway Book 1) - FREE until November 30th
00:00Catalyst: Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation - FREE until November 28th
00:00The Sister Verse and the Talons of Ruin - - FREE until December 4
00:00Twisted book of Short Stories "Something in the Water" Free on Amazon 12/3-12/7
00:00Twisted Book of Short Stories "Something in the Water" Free on Amazon 12/03/2018-12/07/2018
00:00Cold River Rising: A Native American Mystery and Thriller Fiction - over 600 positive reviews - FREE on December 6th
00:00House Divided: The Chronicles of Madoc, America’s first Welshman, a medieval action adventure - FREE until December 11th
00:00The Keyboardist's Career Guide: A 10-Step Plan to Your Dream Job in the Music Business - FREE until December 10th

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