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06:30Monthly Discussion Thread for July, 2017
06:30Changes to r/kindlefreebies
05:35eBay Boot Camp: Why You’re Not Selling Anything, and What You Can Do About It - FREE until July 7th
05:35Rite To Silence: London Calling Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series Book 1 - Permanently FREE
05:35My Amazon book "Hack Upwork" is available for free for the next few days, go get yourself a copy ???? A useful guide for freelancing, it shares everything I've learnt about picking up freelance clients working remotely from Taiwan. ?
05:35The Inspector Ambrose Series by I H Laking (Me!): Four Steampunk Mystery novellas - free until Monday!
05:35'The Funny Side Of Football' Free today only.
05:35Sunshine at the Academy: Book 1 of the Sunshine Series - FREE until July 10th
05:35There's a Shark in My Hockey Pool - FREE on July 9th
05:35Harajuku Sunday, literary fiction freebie until Friday, 15 July
05:35Dion: A Tale of the Highway, a dark fantasy scifi - FREE until July 14th
05:35Internet Business Insights - FREE until July 11th
05:35[Kindle] Rent (minus) Control series and New York Hates Your Face free today for Prime Day. 7/11 [comedy/satire]
05:35Crime Fiction: Half Moon Bay: Drug smuggling catholic saints investing into America's future - FREE until July 14th
05:35Stock Trading Entrepreneur: A Career, A Business, and A Vocation to Escape 9-5 - FREE on July 11th
05:35Cat Stories - FREE until July 13th
05:35eBay Newbie: How to Make Your First Thousand Dollars on eBay - FREE until July 14th
05:35Luck and Judgment: Luck and Judgment Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series - Permanently FREE
05:35Journal for Shadow Work - Book of Shadows Free from 7/14-7/17
05:35In honor of the 48th anniversary of the moon landing, The Moonborn: or, Moby-Dick on the Moon is free today through 7/21
05:35Writer Overwhelmed!: Declutter your thinking - FREE until July 19th
05:35I Got 99 Problems But a Breach Ain't One! Kindle Edition
10:25FREE EBOOK! 99 techie lifehacks. Free to download from Amazon this week
10:25BLACK MILK – Darrel William Moore – Ends 24 July
06:05Longing for You: Steamy Second Chance Romance - FREE until July 21st
06:05Cruising the Mediterranean: From the luminous canals of Amsterdam and Venice to the stunning mosaics of Istanbul's Blue Mosque - FREE until July 20th
06:05Misunderstood: A Refreshing Guide To Dumping Religion For Good And Diving Deep Into A Personal Discovery - FREE until July 20th

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