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00:00Free today (2/2/20): GAMER, an erotic short about a girl who gets fed up with her video game obsessed boyfriend and seeks revenge lol
00:00A Guide to Being a Better Communicator: Incredibly Easy Methods to Take Your Communication Skills from Zero to Hero - FREE until February 3rd
00:00How Do You Discipline a Toddler?: The Step by Step Guide for Parents to Discipline Without Yelling - FREE until February 3rd
00:00Fast Food muscle Diet: A Revolutionary Diet Plan - FREE until February 6th
00:00Nature Therapy Walks: 22 Sensory Activities to Enjoy in Nature for Wellbeing - simple, guided nature meditations and walks that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes, outdoors or even indoors - free until 2/12
00:00[Free Today to Tuesday] High King, the only Post-Apocalyptic Irish Catholic Feudal Adventure serial anywhere, Chapter 6: The Battle of Ballyhooly
00:00How Much To Save For Retirement? - FREE until February 13th
00:00Relationship Help For a Broken, Beaten, and Battered Relationship: The 9 Secrets to Transforming a Broken Relationship - FREE until February 18th
16:35[Free Today to Tuesday] High King, the only Post-Apocalyptic Irish Catholic Feudal Adventure serial anywhere, Chapter 7: Castle Blackwater
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for February, 2020
00:00"A Kick in the Head" by Jack Price -- Detective Chases Deadly Mystery with Robot Hooker in 2070s Chicago. Free thru Tuesday Feb 4.
00:00My first book "Beyond Relatively Normal" is available for FREE on Kindle! (Feb 6-9)
00:00???? If you are seeking for ways to become a better person and improve your relationships, this is for you. Have a great day!
00:00Womenemies: And How to Eliminate Them - FREE until February 13th
00:00Tendrils of Power (Serving My Sigil, Short 2) [f/M erotic paranormal romance]
00:00The Perfect Match: Made in Eden - FREE until February 17th
00:00Eyesore - (Not Shitty) Literary Fiction
00:00The Road Trip: Narrative Travel
14:30Rules to estimate probabilities to win or tie for starting hands of Texas Holdem poker - FREE until February 19th
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:00I've set up 8 of my books free this weekend (until 2/3). These are all full novels, mostly urban fantasy & scifi, over 1 million words with over 1000 reviews collectively - sharing free to get more readers & reviews, hope you enjoy!
00:00Infertility Can SUCK LESS!: How to Take Control & Ownership of Your Infertility Struggles - FREE until February 6th
00:00My novel, Cursed, which is the first novel in a paranormal fantasy series I'm writing, is free until the end of the weekend. If you enjoy it, please don't forget to leave a review. Thanks!
00:00Women in Power: Unlock Your Power and Know Your Worth - FREE until February 7th
00:00All Hallows’ Hunt (A Date with Sir, Short 2) [M/m erotic paranormal romance]
00:00My Little Sister: Papa God's Mighty And Marvelous Works - FREE until February 13th
00:00A Dalliance at the Deco (Serving My Sigil, Short 1) [M/f erotica paranormal romance]

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