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07:05ARC for Jane Swan
06:45Advance Review Copies for Jane Swan by Sam Watson. Feel free to download and review!
00:00Hard Drive: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance - FREE until October 5th
00:00How to Write a Book That Doesn't Suck and Will Actually Sell: Your No B.S. Guide - FREE until October 4th
00:00Radical Open-Mindedness: 10 Steps the Radically Open-Minded use for self-development - FREE until October 8th
00:00The Find - A Short Story
00:00The Everwhen - A Short Story
00:00Free Ebook: Hail By Brandon Haist
00:00Red Flags how to know when to Dump your Man - FREE until October 13th
00:00Skin Market - Suspense Thriller from AJ Slaughter. Free for 2 days only!
14:45[Short Story] - Milf Next Door (Erotica) - Brad Cooper Free until 18/10/18
00:01Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:01A children's book character ends the world. A graphic novel. Don't read it to your children.
00:01Over 100 FREE Halloween eBooks To Get Your Teeth In To
00:01[Fiction] Boogie House: The First Rolson McKane Novel. Supernatural Mystery Set in a Small Georgia Town.
00:01How to Start a Business That Doesn't Suck (and Will Actually Turn a Profit) - FREE on October 5th
00:01His Hands were Quiet, by P.D. Workman, Zachary Goldman Mysteries #2 (expires Oct 8) (mystery)
00:01Free on Kindle 10/5 - 10/7: Over a God's Dead Body (Urban Fantasy/Satire/Dark Comedy)
00:01The Magic Seedling, and Other Short Stories - Free Until October 12
00:01My book, Terence the T-Rex is free today on Indigenous Peoples day. I think adults and kids over 10 will like it.
00:01[Kindle] I just wrote A Funeral of Feuds, an absurd dark comedy about someone returning home for their mother's funeral only to find events quickly spiralling beyond their control [Free until 12 Oct]
00:01Dead Men Naked, my Urban Fantasy book, free to download! If you like Neil Gaiman give it a go :)
00:01Meditations: 50 meditation techniques and 25 tips - FREE until October 14th
21:00An entire town has fallen in love with three witches. The Nymphs of Springfield, a graphic novel FREE on Kindle.
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2018
00:00Wiggle: Super Powers You Never Knew You Had: Develop Resilience, Build Confidence and more - FREE on October 1st
00:00Sky to Sea Zoology!
00:00Job Interview Prep That Doesn't Suck | Job Interview Preparation That Actually Frickin' Works - FREE on October 4th
00:00Free for 1 more day. Humor/satire
00:00Lost in the Forest: A Romantic Wilderness Adventure - FREE until October 10th
00:00Finding a Job in the 21st Century | How to Find a Job Without Losing Yer Frickin' Mind - FREE until October 11th

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