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01:15Free Contemporary Fantasy until 8/17. Missing is sitting pretty at #34 for FREE Young Adult Paranormal and Urban Fantasy!
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:00Ketogenic Breakfast Cookbook: Top 50 Quick and Easy Delicious Low-Carb, High-Fat Ketogenic Diet Breakfast Recipes That Cooks Fast
00:00Behind Trump and the GOP's White Nationalism - FREE on August 3rd
00:00MAKE QUALITY EBOOKS ON AMAZON FOR FREE: 4 Step Guide on How to Assemble, Design, Promote, And Sell Books Online
00:00Triple Threat: An Epic Space Opera Harem Thriller - FREE until August 8th
00:00Don't Stop The Geekin' - More Tales From When Geeky Wasn't Cool - FREE August 9
00:00Thylacine Dreams: 6 Tales of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy - FREE until August 12th
00:00Ultimate Movie Trivia Quiz: 503 Fun Trivia Questions and Answers, Decade by Decade (free until Aug10, reviews deeply appreciated)
00:00Biomass - Free Today Only!
00:00"A Dad's Guide to Spare Time", Kindle book free today Sunday August 12! Time Management tips for the busy parent :)
22:25(Fantasy) Saga of the Feather-Cutter: Defiance - Limited Time FREE Ebook promotion from August 14 till August 18 (Standard Eastern Time)
19:30Kindle Free Promo 8/14-15: Generation Why Not: How Millennials are Redefining the American Dream
16:00Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners: Buy Low, Rent High - FREE until August 15th
00:00[Kindle] How to Talk so Children Will Listen & Learn: How to Communicate with your Child - FREE until August 5th
00:00The Weird House - Free Until August 6th
00:00The Lady Dances - A Love Story (Bentley Hill Players 4) - Free until August 12th
00:00Meet Me At Sunrise - FREE until August 11th
00:00I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn't Cool - The Big Bang Theory meets The Wonder Years - FIVE STAR REVIEWED! Free August 8
00:00The Big Book of Vintage Movie Posters: Volume One - FREE until August 15th
00:00The Inspector Ambrose Series by I H Laking (Me!): Four Steampunk Mystery novellas - free until Monday!
00:15Zombie Survival Series: Only The Living + Only The Saints — FREE until August 16th
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for August, 2018
00:00Building Business: Is property development for you? by Jon Myers - free until August 8th
00:00How to Get Really Good at Spanish, French, German, and Italian are all currently FREE on Amazon until August 6th
00:00Cry on Command (YA) Free until 8/6/18. Book #2 in the Roses Awry series.
00:00Kuntar The Barbarian! Free until Aug 10.
00:00God School (Divine Protector #1)
00:00Esports : Your Introduction is Free for the next 3 days.
00:00Weird Fiction about Chinese Cult - free through the weekend! Enjoy! ?????????
00:00The Thing from the Drive-in - Stranger Things meets Godzilla FREE August 10

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