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21:55THE COPYCAT MURDERS - A Supernatural murder thriller - (Free 6/25 - 6/29)
17:15The Autumn Tasks (Serving My Sigil, Bundle 1) [M/f erotic paranormal romance] [Free until June 26th]
15:35Soul on Empty: A Raw Look at the Darker Side of the Film, Fashion and Celebrity World - FREE until June 27th
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for June, 2019
00:00Picture It: Homeopathy, by Dr. Aarti Patel. A fun cartoony way to learn about this medicine, free through June 20th.
00:00Twist of Fate (Passion Down Under Sassy Short Stories Book 1) - FREE on June 16th
00:00THE ROAD TRIP is FREE on Amazon until 6/23 and it's really, actually good
00:00Sol’s Winter Solstice (A Date with Sir, Short 4) [M/m erotic paranormal romance] [Free until 06/20]
00:00Second Thoughts: Making Sense Of Everything On My Mind - FREE until June 24th
00:00A Paranormal Romance starring a mature witch. Free today and tomorrow (June 22)
00:00Car Boot Tales: The Daft and The Curious - FREE until June 24th
00:00The Endomorphic Diet: Turning Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine - FREE until June 23rd
00:00Laura & Maura: a short, sweet comedy about two cousins and one crazy night. Free through June 16!
00:00Growing Season: a novel (Book 1) - FREE until June 17th
00:00Summary: 12 Rules for Life / An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson - FREE until June 19th on Amazon US
00:00Plumbess Seg by Jude Fawley (SPFBO 5 contestant)
00:00[Kindle] Welcome to Hell - Novel. Free 6.15-6.16 [Comedy]
00:00MAGIC & WONDER, THREE FANTASY STORIES is free on from 18th - 23rd June
00:00Four Kites
00:00A Canticle of Two Souls - Fantasy - Free from 21-25 June
00:00GRILLED SUPERFOODS: 22 Yummy Recipes - FREE until June 25th
00:00Wasting Time on Mars - FREE until June 25th
18:50Genes vs Cultures vs Consciousness: A Brief Story of Our Computational Minds - FREE until June 25th
17:30Master of the Forest: A Horror Novel Set in Siberia - An Amazon giveaway, 30 books available, first 30 entrants win. No additional conditions.
09:45Last day to download The Road Trip, a true story of a 5,000 km road trip down Australia's east coast
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:00A Future With Hope: An Inspiring Guide to Overcoming Diabetes - FREE until June 12th
00:00Trade Like a Pro: 20 Winning Stock Market Strategies That Will Make You Rich - FREE until June 12th
00:00It's my birthday! All my books are FREE today! I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn't Cool, plus more in the comments.
00:00Rescue Mission (Islands of Seattle Book 1)
00:00"The Dry People" - Short Story (free 6/20-6/24)

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