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00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for November, 2017
00:00Speed Bump: A Short Story - Free Until Nov. 14th
00:00Following Your Money: The definitive money management playbook for millennials and their parents - FREE until November 18th
00:00How To Buy State Tax Lien Properties In Ohio Real Estate: Get Tax Lien Certificates - FREE until November 17th
00:00Beneath the Desert Willow (Free 11/16 - 11/20)
00:00Eight Super Cute Children Book Titles - Free - Amazon - Thru 11.23.17
00:00California Rental Property Management How To Start A Property Management Business - FREE until November 20th
00:00The Untethered - FREE until November 20th
00:00The Christmas Glitch - a kids book with ninja elves, back holes, and a dozen Santas! (20Nov-21Nov)
08:00411 - a tale of horror and operators
00:00Monthly Discussion Thread for October, 2017
00:00Not A Full Moon Night - a contemporary romance novel. Free until November 14th
00:00Brutal Bedtime Stories: A Supernatural Horror Story Collection - FREE until November 14th
00:00[Sci-fi] Free from 15/11 - 18/11: The Fall of Union, a sci-fi novella
00:00Old Money (Wellington Estates Book 2) - FREE until November 18th
00:00Short Love Story: Sorry, but I'm an Urban Girl - FREE until November 19th
00:00"The Nursing Home" by Jeremy Edward Ellis, Literary Fiction, Free Until Nov. 22
00:00Hot Agua (The Salt Tales Book 1), a Romantic Thriller - FREE until November 20th
00:00Rise by Anne Bohannon fantasy/romance Free 11/18. My Entire Collection is Free Today.
18:20Champion: Ten Ways to Develop a Successful Mindset - FREE on November 20th
18:15Nobody Wants Your Stuff: Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century #2 - FREE until November 21st
00:00The Locomotive, a horror novel - FREE until November 13th
00:00Succession of Power: A Political Espionage Thriller - FREE until November 15th
00:00H. P. Lovecraft: The Collection (1,600 pages of horror fiction)
00:00How To Buy State Tax Lien Properties In Arkansas Real Estate - FREE until November 15th
00:00THE END - A dark and poetic zombie horror told from the point of view of a zombie. Free for Kindle until November 16th
00:00My girlfriend's book, The Demon Black, is free today on Amazon until the 16th.
00:00Terence the T-Rex: How to Deal with Bullies
00:00The Inspector Ambrose Series by I H Laking (Me!): Four Steampunk Mystery novellas - free until Monday!
00:00True Crime Stories Volume 3: 12 Terrifying True Crime Murder Cases (List of Twelve) - FREE until November 18th

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