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Stop Procrastinating: A Simple Guide to Hacking Laziness, Building Self Discipline, and Overcoming Procrastination - FREE until December 7th
Greatest Hits: An Anthology in Four Volumes. Essays and memoirs on movies, music, vinyl records, Studio Ghibli, and Video Game Classics. Free on Amazon Kindle until Dec 10. Please check it out, share the love, much thanks!
Pop Life. Essays, memoirs and rants on pop culture, including movies, music, home audio, video games, politics and life. Free on Amazon Kindle until Dec 10. Please check it out, it's really cool, you'll love it, much thanks!
Rebel Rebel #1: Define Success Part 1 (of 6) (Part of the 147 Superhero Universe) Free on Kindle Through 12/9 to Celebrate the Release of Rebel Rebel #2 (Part 2 of 6) (Superhero, Modern Fantasy)
Zen Arcade: Classic Video Game Reviews. 140 reviews of retro games for NESs, SuperNES, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Turbografx and Neo-Geo. Free on Amazon from now through Sunday Dec 10. Please pick up a copy, much thanks!
Last Wave (Free December 8 & 9) Looking for some reviews, too!
Declutter Your Life: The Art of Tidying Up, Organizing Your Home, Decluttering Your Mind, and Minimalist Living - FREE until December 11th
Help! My Baby Won't Sleep: The Exhausted Parent’s Loving Guide to Baby Sleep Training - FREE until December 11th
WAVES (Literary Fiction) : "A beautiful story of finding hope - and yourself" (Free Dec 8th)
Words of Wisdom: What the Elephant Knows: How an Asian Elephant Taught Me to Believe in Myself and Never Give Up - FREE until December 11th
Dementia or Alzheimer's: A Daughter's Guide to Home Care - FREE on December 10th
Monthly Discussion Thread for December, 2017
An Unforgivable Love Story (angsty romance full of all sorts of unforgivable things) is free until Saturday, 12/9!!
Stop Procrastination: 33 Anti-Procrastination Habits To Stop Being Lazy And Earn Back Your 1095 Hours A Year
Laughing My Struggles Off - Holiday Blues: Overcoming Depression, Financial Anxiety, and Family Drama - FREE until December 11th

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